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yaza_fierce's Journal

Yaza Gakuen Fashion Graduates
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Fashion inspired by the works of Ai Yazawa
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I am not interesting. In fact, this community is not about me. Surprised? I know I'm not. And neither should you be.

For this comm is about clothes that are inspired by characters from the works of Ai Yazawa. Seen something you just know Miwako would wear? Take a photo and post it! Or do you have something in the back of your wardrobe that looks like something Hachi wore in chapter blah blah of volume blah? Please show us!

Try and be creative, too. We all know Nana and Nobu wear rocking horse shoes like whoa, so things like that probably don't need to be posted. ;)

We are nice and polite and considerate. We ask you to be the same. Constructive criticism is helpful, but bitching about this and that will only get you labelled as one thing: BITCH. And despite what t-shirts may tell you, it's not a good thing to be. :'(

Remember also that we are NOT!Cosplay. There are many other sites out there to discuss cosplay. If there's something you want to use for a cosplay, by all means inquire after it or let it inspire you, but no cosplay pics please. :)

Make sure to tag your entries with the character(s) your attire/finds were inspired by, or at least the show/manga if you went for an all-round feel.

The only things I won't tolerate are as follows:

NO 'COME TO MY WEBSITE OF SHITTY, BAD-QUALITY CLOTHES' POSTS. This comm must not, like so many fashion comms before it, degenerate into a hollow shell for x-posters to advertise their warez. (see what I did there with 'wares' and 'warez'????)

If you don't own a business and someone offers to buy something you own as a personal paypal transaction, then please take it to e-mails or IMs asap. :)

But do feel free link to articles of clothing you have found in popular web shops (or some more obscure ones, w/e). Try to find good ones that ship internationally, m'kay? :D

AND FINALLY. You must not talk about Nana/Reira that thing without putting it behind a strikethrough. Why? Because only awesome people can see through the strikethrough. I saw scientists prove it on TV so it are fact.