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31 May 2008 @ 10:35 am
hei minna. me again.
i said i'd be back with more, ne. well here i am.
This is..ya here it goes::

1) Again, these are viviennes...but i would see them on Reira...SHE SHOULD WEAR MORE VIVI!

2) This is from TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION 2008..but it spells Hachi all over it..ne?!

3) JUNKOOO...doesnt this outfit remind you of Junko!!!???...I'm accelly pretty sure she's worn a hat like that...

THATS IT. i'll be back, trust me. :) i love this to much. ^3^

PS. my god, i have no idea what to tag this as.....please help!

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Current Mood: busybusy
Nemopapier on June 4th, 2008 12:57 am (UTC)
Sorry I'm late, overtime = blargh
Those shoes are fabulous, and I love the Junko-inspired hat!

Reira would look so fierce (lol) in VW, but she has this sort-of semi-lolita thing going on (or it could just be that she doesn't realise she's dressing too young for her age).

As for tags, don't worry, you can edit them into your post. Secondly, you tag your post with the characters that will feature in it. So, for example, if Yukari and Isabella-style clothes were going to be shown, you would tag your entry "yukari, isabella" without quotations.

Looking forward to seeing what you bring to the table next time! :)
riley_tea on June 4th, 2008 08:58 pm (UTC)
Re: Sorry I'm late, overtime = blargh
okidoki. got it! :D
yes. i totally agree. Reira
(not always) but sometimes dresses
kinda lolitta ish... but i must say
your probably right, she just dresses to young
with out realizing...LMAO SHES A KID AT HEART!
(her and ren...REN AND JUMP MAG...they're both kids! XD)